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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Course Outline

Negotiation Skills – you’re not born with them: you learn them. And this is the place to learn them; in a learning environment our skilled negotiators have created for you. ….. not out there in the jungle!
In the heat of a negotiation, there’s more required than just being an able communicator, or being able to get along well with people. Learn to listen and to recognise negotiation opportunities. You need to know which type of negotiation style is appropriate in the circumstances. You need to know the phases of the negotiation; especially when that big green light is saying “This deal is a GO!” You need to be aware of your own, and the other party’s cognitive bias. You need to know how to deal with the tactics employed to undermine your position. This course will develop your interpersonal and technical skills to negotiate successfully, in both your business and personal lives.


The Negotiation Skills program provides plenty of practical exercises and theories covering the following major content areas;
• What is the negotiation process?
• Different negotiation types
• What is the best style for you to adopt?
• Objectives of negotiation - make it work for you!
• The phases of negotiation
• Influencing factors
• Understanding and handling negotiation tactics
• Building goodwill 


2 days (or custom tailored to your specific needs)

Learning Style


Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the process of negotiation.
  2. Describe the features of the two main types of negotiation
  3. Describe the five main styles of negotiation.
  4. Describe the five basic skills which influence the success of a negotiation
  5. Explain the five phases of negotiation.
  6. Describe the role of dirty tricks in negotiations.

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