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Recruiting and Selecting the Right Staff

Recruiting & Selecting the Right Staff

Course Outline

Whether you are recruiting externally or internally, the real cost of recruitment is the risk of employing the wrong person. If you get it wrong, you might suffer:

  • reduced productivity for an extended period
  • damage to your team
  • exit difficulties
  • legal problems

This course removes the fear from recruiting as it explores every aspect of the process, including the analytical requirements as well as the legal ones.


The Recruiting & Selecting the Right Staff program focuses on the following major content areas;
What are the Requirements for the Position?

  • Internal Vs External Recruitment
  • Type of Employment
  • Reporting
  • Job Description
  • Job Specifications
  • Resources
  • Budget

How to attract the right Candidates

  • Advertisements
  • Discrimination in Advertising
  • Direct Discrimination
  • Indirect Discrimination
  • Grounds of Discrimination
  • Exception
  • Identifying and Matching Skill Requirements
  • How to Identify Skill Requirements
  • Common Generic Life Skills

What to look for in a Candidate

  • Grooming
  • Knowledge
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility

The Interview

  • Why Interview?
  • Arranging the Interview
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Types of Questions
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Querying a Candidate’s Resume
  • Top Ten Interview Questions to find the best ‘fit’
  • Close the Interview
  • Write up the Interview

Other Selection Techniques

  • Aptitude Tests
  • Simulation Tests
  • Role Plays
  • Assessment Centres
  • Equal Employment Considerations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Equal Opportunity Act 1995
  • Providing and Improving Equal Employment Opportunities

Reaching a Decision

  • Reference Checks
  • The Decision


2 days (or custom tailored to your specific needs)

Learning Style


Learning Outcomes

  1. Establish the basis for recruiting and selecting new staff.
  2. Advertise for the right staff without breaching discrimination laws.
  3. Identify and match skill requirements.
  4. Gain skills in detecting appropriate grooming, knowledge levels, enthusiasm and flexibility.
  5. Develop skills in questioning and interviewing.
  6. Discuss other selection techniques.
  7. Ensure legislative requirements are met.
Finalise the selection process.

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