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What participants say about our training:

Presentation Skills

Just a quick note to thank you so much for your presentation on behalf of all of us at Light FM.

Your training was extremely relevant to sales on both a personal meeting and presentation level.

Your professionalism in providing correction and improvement to my team while remaining both positive and encouraging has provided a confidence to my team that they now take with them into all their sales appointments.

This confidence is the largest determining factor in sales outcomes both in person and on the phone.

I look forward to booking our next session and our continued improvement with your expert guidance.

Kind Regards


John Dawson
Sales and Marketing Manager (September 2008)

Great interaction. Very clear. Very informative. Practical application. Very well presented. I feel much more confident about presenting publicly.

Tim Brosnan
Church Partnership Manager Light FM (September 2008)

The training program was presented clearly and I can apply the public speaking tips readily. I found David interesting and engaging.

Karen Edwards Light FM (September 2008)

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. David is positive and encouraging. He knew how to communicate a message that will benefit our presentation skills.

Shane Schuling Light FM (September 2008)

Financial Analysis & Credit Training (FACT) Financial Analysis & Credit Training (FACT)

David clearly has a passion for credit and especially training. David didn’t hold back with sharing his personal experiences allowing us to relate this to our roles. Practical examples that relate directly to our roles. David was also available for our questions, not directly covered in the course. The program overall was run in a very professional manner with the program materials set up in such a way that the course was easy to follow while also creating a long-lasting resource. The training program has equipped me to fulfil my job requirements more effectively. (Tim Mitchell Liberty Financial 22 September 2007)

Excellent detail in content, which was well thought through in presentation terms by concentrating on most relevant aspects for our particular needs. David has a friendly, effusive manner. He was very enthusiastic and related well to all the people in the course. Encouraged questions and feedback. He was also very knowledgeable about the topics being presented. Good illustration of points through personal experience examples.(Simon Rutherford Liberty Financial 22 September 2007)

David made the course interesting by giving good examples that we could relate to and apply them when assessing self-employed applications. The training program will make a very significant difference to my work performance. (Jenny Nicholas Liberty Financial 22 September 2007)

Fantastic facilitator who was detailed, willing to share knowledge and interacted well with the group. Provided a very concise and clear course progression and understood what was important for our specific role. I believe the course would be of great benefit to any staff member who has a need to understand financial analysis. Would be a very good as a “refresher” for those who have had some experience in the past. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and will definitely implement the knowledge I have gained in my ongoing work. I found ratios and detailed explanation of financial documents excellent. (Terry Walker Liberty Financial 22 September 2007)

Very detailed information provided (Andy …..Liberty Financial 22 September 2007)

I wish I had received this training years ago. I loved it. I now feel confident to apply the learning in the workplace. Some people do not have the same grasp of financials as other people. Was good not to have an instructor who was way over the top. (Jim ……Hume Building Society 20 October 2007)

Facilitator was very knowledgeable and able to answer questions. He used stories to tell so we could understand concepts better. (Olympia Andronicus Hume Building Society 20 October 2007)

I now feel confident to apply the learning in the workplace. (Lisa Johnstone Hume Building Society 20 October 2007)

The strengths of the program were the materials provided, and heaps of references to live cases / scenarios. (Jennie Gill Hume Building Society 20 October 2007)

At last I understand ratios and several other credit analysis issues that will make an enormous difference to the work I do. (Julie Johansen Hume Building Society 20 October 2007)

Time Management Skills Time Management

I found the training program very helpful and would recommend the program to others (Ian Muir Resolve FM 8 November 2006)

Great Facilitation. Relevant life examples. (Leonard Puglia Medibank Private 8 November 2006)

The training far exceeded my expectations and represented an excellent investment of my time and money. Very practical suggestions. Realistic in areas of what is feasible to be changed (e.g. with regards to “demands” of bosses). Well presented – now looking forward to going back and implementing what I learned. (Dianne McKendrick, Careforce 6 September 2007)

Related to work and personal. Practical; good handout. Good concepts and models: simple and easy to use. (Chris Jones Shirlaws 6 September 2007)

I found the program very helpful and would recommend the program to others (Colin Martin ANZ 6 September 2007)

The strength of the program is that it equipped me with the right tools to better survive the rigours of day to day activity. It was great. (Michael Gerolomou, Simonds Homes 6 September 2007)

Very relevant. Related to everyone. Excellent session. Thanks for a great day. (Susan Iuculano NAB 31 July 2007)

David ensured everyone participated and he kept the “time” appropriately (Leanne Sharp NAB 31 July 2007)

Tailored to needs of participants. Very well presented. Amicable presenter. Met learning outcomes. (Aaron Uebergang ANZ 29 October 2007)

Tailored to our/my needs very well. (Nick Condon ANZ 29 October 2007)

Conflict Management  Skills Conflict Management

This course was very interactive and facilitator was well-presented and knowledgeable. Open discussion was excellent. (Wendy McLeod ANZ 22 August 2007)

The context was practical and relevant (Christine Jap ANZ 22 August 2007)

The training far exceeded my expectations and represented an excellent investment of my time and money. (Julie Clarke ANZ 22 August 2007)

The strengths of the program were the interaction between the participants and the facilitator: constant reference to real-life situations, eliciting life problems from the participants and adapting the course content. (Patricia ANZ 22 August 2007)

I now feel confident to apply the learning in the workplace (Tony Crook, The Bible Society 3-4 October 2007)

Effective Communication Skills Effective Communication

Very easy to understand and was presented in such a way that you could relate and use in every day working and personal life. (Julie…….. NAB 3 August 2007)

Excellent content which has not been covered in other courses (Susan Iuculano NAB 3 August 2007)