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Time Management

Time Management

Course Outline

TIME: too precious to waste! Invest a little of your time in this practical and interactive workshop. Discuss and analyse your personal use of time. Learn effective time management strategies. These useful, common sense solutions will free up time in you work routine (not to mention your personal life).


The Time Management program covers the following major content areas;
• Understanding the concept of time management 
• Discovering your personal time management preferences
• Goal setting
• Daily planning
• Setting priorities & Scheduling
• The power of delegation
• How to manage upwards
• Managing meetings
• Handling interruptions
• Stress Management
• Tips & Tools


1 day (or custom tailored to your specific needs)

Learning Style


Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop an action plan for applying Time Management techniques back on the job.
  2. Identify and apply principles of planning: action plan, create and use a ‘to-do’ list, set priorities using the ABC method, identify your daily energy levels and schedule activities accordingly.
  3. Implement steps to reduce procrastination.
  4. Say ‘No’ to unreasonable time consuming requests.
  5. Minimise the effects of interruptions.
  6. Reduce paper shuffling.
  7. Identify methods for managing stress.

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